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Screen I: Token Wallet

What is the BonusBank Token Wallet? What can I find in it? How does it work? Keep reading and you will find the answer to these questions.

What is the Token Wallet and what data do we find there?

The Token Wallet is one of the app's four main screens, where we can see all the Tokens we have in our balance as well as those we are in the process of obtaining. It is important to note that the Tokens we see on this screen will always be linked to an Incentive Plan.

Regarding the Tokens that are in the process of being redeemed, we will see how they will appear sorted by the Plan to which they are linked.

As for the Tokens whose period to obtain them has ended, they will be classified among those that we have redeemed, those that have not yet been redeemed and those that have been cancelled/rejected by the manager for whatever reason.

Therefore, with just two tabs, any user will be able to know the Tokens they are accumulating, those they have earned, those they have not earned and the status of all their Incentive Plans.

What does the Token Wallet look like

To illustrate what was explained about the Token Wallet, we now show an example of how you can see your own Token Wallet in the application and so we can describe in more detail its variables:


If you look at the top of the screen, you'll see a slider which allows you to select between two options:

  • Balance. In this section you will find the Tokens you have received and whose Plan is already finished.

  • Pending. Here there are the Tokens that have been sended to you, but haven't yet been approved by your plan manager.

As you can see in the "Pending" section, there are different Token categories that are grouped by Plan; so if we have multiple Plans, the Token categories from those different Plans will not be mixed up.

In addition, there can be several Tokens per each Token category. So we can see more than one Token on the same card (where the category is shown).

In the "Balance" section, for each received Token and Plan finished, there are three possible options:

  • Paid. These are Tokens linked to a Plan that has been finalized and validated by the manager and for which you have already received/redeemed their estimated value.

  • Not paid. In this case, the Plan has been finished and validated, but you haven't received/redeemed the Token's estimated value yet.

  • Rejected. The Plan has finished, but the manager has decided not to validate it. So you won't receive/be able to redeem the Tokens that you earned during this period of time.

The "+info" button gives us more detail about the Token category itself (via a complete description): description, related Tokens, Token Pack it belongs to, etc.


Brilliant! We know everything about our Token Wallet, let's go to the Performance screen!