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Screen IV: Profile

What is my BonusBank profile? What does it contain? How does it work? Keep reading and you will find the answers to these questions.

The profile and what it means

The profile is one of the four fundamental screens of the App, on which we can view and update our data and get an historical overview of sent and received transfers.

The profile consists of 3 important elements:

  • Personal data. We can see and change our picture, as well as our name, phone number, email and description. In addition, it is possible to activate or deactivate the reception of notifications via push or via email. Our picture, phone number, email and description are visible to the rest of the members we share Teams and Spaces with.

  • Historical overview. It is a relevant part of our profile and where we can see all the details of the transfers, made or received, in chronological order. This way, we can retrieve any feedback, view each amount received or see the history of transfers with a specific user.

What does the profile look like

What better than an example where we see all this in one image to better understand it?


The top part of our Profile shows data that is also visible to other users. The rest of the information that we can't see directly is available through the edit button on our profile picture. There, we can edit our name, telephone number, email, description and activate/deactivate the reception of push and email notifications.

As with the Token Wallet and Progress screens, a slider is also availabe here.

The first information that appears is the historical overview. It is structured in cards where we can see same day transfers grouped together and arranged chronologically. On the left we see the picture and the name of the counterpart, with the corresponding action (transfer, distribution as leader...) and with which we can know whether we are acting as senders or receivers.
On the right side you´ll find the number of Tokens sent and the Token category in question. As you may have noticed, there are no ‘red numbers' at BonusBank, and sending Tokens is a positive action! For this reason, when we receive Tokens, the number appears with a "+" in front of it and in green and when we send them, it appears in brackets and in blue. Easy, right?

And on the other hand, the settings section. In it, we have the option to edit the profile (the same as through the edit button on our profile photo), change the password, change the language of the app, consult information about the app... Among many other things!

And so far the 4 info items related to the main screens of the App. Do not hesitate to consult our info items if you do not remember something!