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In the following chapters we will discover the different aspects of BonusBank Tokens and why they were created

We help companies value, recognize, motivate and reward their talent

At BonusBank, our mission is to help companies value, recognize, motivate and reward their talent.

For our clients, BonusBank's technology is a solution for accelerating recognition, incentives and rewards by enabling it on a daily basis. This enables them to create a human, positive, agile and successful working environment.

We provide sets of Tokens associated with specific objectives or methodologies

To achieve this goal, we Tokenize: this is the technology that defines and characterizes us and gives us Token Packs: a series of Tokens designed by one of our Partners or by ourselves for our customers, and related to business objectives or specific HR methodologies.

In the following, we explain the difference between the two types of creators of the Token Packs:

  • Partners: these are consulting professionals who specialize in different topics such as HR, agile methodologies, change management, employer branding,etc. They usually have a methodology or a theory that characterizes and defines their work or processes.
    Thanks to the Token Packs, they carry out a translation of the steps, concepts or KPIs that they explain or measure into specific processes for daily work. It should be noted that these Token Packs are usually very specific and personalized, as it is a solution aimed at answering the needs of the market segment of their customers. Even so, other companies may (with the Partner's consent) be interested in implementing their Packs if these suit their objectives or needs.

  • BonusBank: BonusBank offers 3 Token Packs, designed to work on competencies linked to day-to-day execution and performance, promote feedback and deliver incentives in an agile way. Each of these Token Packs has between 2 and 3 Token categories, respectively.

Each company can invent, develop and create its own Token package

And in the event that they don't feel identified with any of the Token packs we offer them, companies will always have the ability and total freedom to invent, develop and create their own Token packs. This way they can measure what they find important in the organization and offer their employees and colleagues the best possible experience.