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The logic behind BonusBank Teams

We’ll explain their function within a Space in BonusBank, as well as what they can represent and what we find within each one of them

What is is a Team and what is it for


A team is a subspace for groups within a company (the Space), and configured according to its criteria, with private access to information about its Tokens, transfers or goals (among others).

Let's explain the previous sentence in some detail and clarify the role of Teams in BonusBank:

  • A subspace. We start from the highest level with one or more Spaces, within which the next level of segmentation is Teams. We can therefore define Teams as subspaces of a Space, made up of small groups of the total number of people in the Space.

  • Configured according to company criteria. BonusBank is useful for both traditional and more agile companies. For this reason, Teams can be departments (for organizations with a more traditional org chart), or squads and tribes (for entities that run agile methodologies) and specific work groups for certain projects. The flexibility with which the Team creation logic has been developed allows any type of methodology to fit into BonusBank.

  • Private access to information. That's right, like in Spaces where people in one can’t see the information of those in another one, the information generated within a Team will not be visible by other Teams, even though they share the same Space. Therefore, you can have common goals or Tokens at the Space level, but those that are specific to a Team will only be visible to its members.

Thus, we can see how the creation of Teams will allow us to have a greater granularity when measuring and monitoring the progress of the professionals that make up the organization, and facilitate the processes of recognizing, motivating or incentivizing both our colleagues and employees. For managers it will be very important to have this degree of detail to be able to assess specific groups of people or simply to find information more easily when they want to recognize someone or launch an individual Goal.

Where to find my Team(s) in the App

If you want to see the Team(s) you belong to, you can do it through the side menu of the application: either directly by selecting the option "My Teams", or indirectly by selecting "Space" and within this screen by clicking on the number of Team(s). Below you will find a representation of the screens to help you understand how to get there and what you can see inside the App:


With this, we already know how to create an account in BonusBank, what is a Space and a Team, let's go on to discover the different roles within the App?